Meet Senior Decision Makers & Influencers From North America's Most Active E&Ps Including:

BHP Billiton, BOPCO, Encana, Cabot Oil & Gas, Alta Mesa Holdings, Repsol Canada, Enerplus, Apache Corporation, Anadarko Petroleum, QEP Resources, Marathon Oil, Statoil, BP, Williams, Resolute Natural Resources, Crescent Point Energy, Devon Energy, Cimarex Energy, Whiting Petroleum, Windy Cove Energy, Parsley Energy, Permian Resources, EXCO Resources, Gulfport Energy, Chevron, Chaparral Energy, Reat Global E&P, New Horizon Exploration and more.

  • Over 55 E&P delegates in the room and counting - Watch this space for updates every week!

With Job Titles Including:

SVPs, VPs, Directors, Managers, Team Leads, Chiefs, Of...

  • Automation
  • Instrumentation
  • Controls
  • Production
  • Measurement
  • Facilities


  • Reliability Engineers
  • Design Engineers
  • Asset Managers
  • Platform Managers
  • Area Managers
  • Supply & Procurement Managers
  • Chemical Managers
  • EHS Managers
  • Systems Architects

And Leading Suppliers Offering The Latest:

  • A-Z Automation Solutions
  • Initial Automation And Controls Systems
  • Advanced Automation And Controls Systems
  • SCADA Systems
  • RTUs
  • PLCs
  • LACT Units
  • Automated Valves
  • Positive Displacement & Magnetic Flow Meters
  • MQTT
  • Mesh Networking Systems
  • Repeater & Network Radios
  • Cell Phone Towers
  • Radar Technologies
  • Blue Tooth & 4G Reporting Devices
  • Power Generation Systems
  • Chemical Power Generation Systems
  • Automated Produced Water Disposal Systems     
  • Automated Safety Systems
  • Safety Systems (Alarm Management, Safety Shutdown, Cyber Security Management)
  • Power Solutions (Solar Power, Thermoelectric Generation)
  • Cyber Security Technology Vendor



Danny Durham

Director of Upstream Global Chemicals

Apache Corporation


Mark Razmandi

ESS Analyst - Data Science

Anadarko Petroleum


Zach Druce

Supervisor Automation, Permian Operations

QEP Resources

Kevin McDaniel

Kevin McDaniel

North America SCADA Coordinator

Marathon Oil


Rob Graham

Controls Technology Specialist III



Jack Sprackling

Automation Manager

Resolute Natural Resources

Brandon Davis

Brandon Davis

Automation Lead

Devon Energy


Pedro Serrano

Security Architect

Cimarex Energy


Micah Northington

Field Systems Administrator

Whiting Petroleum


Mark Peavy

VP Operations

Windy Cove Energy


Wade Cosgrove

Procurement Analyst

Parsley Energy


Rob Warren

Manager - SCADA & Measurement

Permian Resources

Jonathan Hottell

Johnathan Hottell

SCADA Supervisor

EXCO Resources


Aileen Nowlan


Environmental Defense Fund


George Robertson

PCN Cyber Security Advisor



Jody Overshiner

Director, North American O&G Sales

Emerson Automation Solutions


Forrest Marsh

Oil & Gas Manager I North America



Sarah Tamilarasan

Vice President Eagle Ford Operations

Reat Global E&P

North America's Flagship Well Site Automation Summit Returns

"Improve Well Efficiency, Reduce Downtime And Decrease Operating Expenses; Those Are Our Key Drivers. That's Everything That We Stand To Do"

With a greater need to drive productivity and cost-efficiency from increasingly stretched well sites, the 3rd Annual Well Site Automation 2017 opens up the frontiers for more effective well site automation at every level of automation.

From entry-level Level 1, to intermediate Level 2 and 3, and advanced full automated Level 4 and 5 control, the 2017 conference moves away from the one-size-fits-all automation formula  to deliver more structured, tailored value-driven automation lessons, starting at the well head and ending at the final stage.

With objectives from acquiring improved real-time data from well sites to developing more sophisticated communication networks, as well as how to set up and optimize monitoring, measuring and control systems, this year's E&P led agenda is packed with practical case studies and discussions to drive automation further.

> Featuring Practical Case Studies  From Majors, Super Majors And Independents To:

  • Consider benchmarks & proven strategies to reduce CapEx and OpEx through automation
  • Evaluate best practices to proactively reduce downtime at individual well and pad level
  • Cost-effectively measure & monitor liquid and gas at the well bore
  • Understand how to realize improved efficiencies from real-time data gathered
  • Share case studies to ascertain the true ROI of automation by linking per dollar expenditure with KPIs
  • Tackle approaches to optimize SCADA systems through centralized control of production flow rates and streamlined power & energy efficiencies
  • Consider the application and capabilities of cutting-edge communication systems and protocols : MQTT, Radio & Radar Technology
  • Explore new opportunities for cost-control through automated chemical metering & monitoring and automated produced water management
  • Pre-Empt cyber attacks and protect data & industrial process control systems through next-generation firewalls and secure network architecture

> What Operators Have To Say About Well Site Automation 2016

'Great conference with industry leading technology ideas and examples with proven case studies ' - Anadarko Petroleum

This was an informative event and should be attended by industry professionals ' -Murphy Oil

'It was great to be able to hear what other end users were doing for Well Site Automation ' - Apache Corporation

'Great Automation Information ' - Murphy Oil Corporation

'Great speakers, great sponsors and I liked the vendor room ' - Marathon Oil

'Attending the congress allowed me to understand what others in the industry are doing ' - BHP Billiton

'Knowledge sharing of industry leaders ' - Murphy Oil

Following Two Consecutive Years Of Sold-Out Exhibition, This Is The Only One-Stop Shop For North American E&Ps Looking For The Most Innovative Automation Technologies

If having your company aligned with powerhouses in the industry is an important part of your strategy, this event gives you enormous opportunity to capitalize on.There is really no other event in the region that will you the chance to meet all the active operators with the right purchasing job titles. Please contact the ABC team at sponsorship@american-business-conferences.com

Group Discount




Cost-Control Success Stories & Lessons Learned, Including:

  • Innovative Communication Protocols Including 'MQTT'         
  • Automation Strategies To 'Do More With Less '  
  • Chemical Leak & Failures Detection                            
  • Automation On Large Multi-Well Pads
  • Automated Chemical Metering & Monitoring            
  • Mitigating Methane Emissions
  • Automated Produced Water Management                    
  • Real-Time Well Site Data Analytics
  • Cyber Security For Industrial Process Control

We spoke with dozens of operators to get their thoughts on where they are headed and which new automation solutions they are looking out for. Well Site Automation 2017 is a direct reflection of these conversations, and includes new event features and improvements.

  • Cost Control & Well Efficiency Focus: With a focus on each stage of the process from SCADA optimization to communication to measurement & monitoring, maximize well efficiencies and increase revenue while cutting capital and operating expenditure as much as possible.
  • More Granular Level Data & Tangible Lessons Learned: Case studies in 2017 will deliver actual information on what was tested, what was installed, what results were seen and how improved automation best practices have helped E&Ps maximize uptime and control costs. Dig deeper as more specifics are shared.
  • Tailored Automation Breakouts - For Every Level Of Automation: We're taking automation and execution a level up and moving from a one-size-fits-all automation approach to more tailored solutions. Share best practices whether you are new to automation, have just started dabbling into automation or are looking to make tweak to your automation systems to get more uptime and more productivity.
  • Deep-Dive Wireless Communication Pre-Conference Workshop : Explore how to implement the latest tools to market within a practical context, and will deliver a 360 degree view on how to utilize the latest communication devices, including MQTT, to effectively report real-time data by-exception into the SCADA system, with minimal intervention.


Live Streaming





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