6th Annual Well Site Automation - January 28 - 30, 2020

American Business Conferences' Flagship & North America's Most Sought-After Well Site Automation Returns To Houston - 6 Consecutive Years, Over 1300 Attendees And 100s of Sponsors & Exhibitors

Given the maturing theme of automation within the industry today, there is a substantial drive in the industry towards novel wireless communication and networking protocols, IIoT and analytics on the Edge, to increase the collection, availability and access to reliable data in real time.

Operators are constantly looking for new opportunities and innovative automation technologies to apply at the well site, the latest IIoT and cloud computing-based solutions for real-time data collection and the best practice implementation strategies when transitioning from traditional SCADA to more agile data delivery methods.

Well Site Automation 2020 provides the industry with an important and timely opportunity to discuss the optimal methods in artificial lift automation, new-age communication networks and remote monitoring systems to implement a cost-effective pump by exception strategy, and improve operational efficiency, increasing production and minimizing OPEX costs.

The critical, missing link is to get operators to think about how far they go can go with automation, how much intelligence they can put into what they are already doing, and how can they integrate automation with the state-of-the-art systems - from a data analytics lens first and a production optimization lens second.

After months of extensive research with key E&Ps and technology providers across North America, American Business Conferences returns to Houston in January with its flagship automation conference, delivering high-value, detailed insight on the industry's most demanding commercial challenges, technological advances and the cutting-edge opportunities for innovation in the automation space.

  • Cutting-edge Insight From Operators That Have Taken Risks To Take Automation To The Next Level - sharing successes and failures on topics that are relevant to current business needs
  • Get valuable insight into the Maturing Theme Of Automation - results-backed presentations providing expertise on the latest lessons learned
  • Evaluate Commercial Best Practices - from integrating new technologies, achieving maximized production and optimized operations
  • Case studies focusing on Actual Process Changes That Have Resulted In Measurable Business Impact - experience-based information covering all critical aspects of well site automation
  • Use Cases, Success Stories And Actual Implementation Case Studies that translate directly to your operating environment
  • Speaker line-up comprised of automation professionals well versed on the Current And Future Potential, Capacity And Direction Of Well Site Automation - be surrounded by peers whose expertise and focus is on the Future Of Well Site Automation
  • Hear from vendors that are Concentrating On Helping Transform E&P Businesses and have experience implementing solutions around optimization
  • Hear from companies that are Building And Implementing IIoT And Edge Devices For The Oil & Gas Industry - from globally renowned automation experts and new game-changing enterprises


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