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Sponsorship & Exhibition Opportunities Now Available For 2018

Exhibition Floor Completely Sold-Out In 2017 - Reserve Your Place Early For 2018

E&Ps can come up with the best automation strategy in the world, but they cannot execute any of it without the right technologies, software and systems, and supporting services.

The Well Site Automation conference is North America's premier networking and business development platform for companies wanting to come face-to-face and do business with some of the most active operators in the US and Canadian shale plays. With an even bigger floor plan in 2018, and specific sections of the exhibition area dedicated to individual technologies and services, the 4th Annual Well Site Automation 2018 presents an unmatched opportunity for vendors to capitalize on new business opportunities with E&P operators in an area that is the future of unconventional shale.

If having your company aligned with powerhouses in the industry is an important part of your strategy, please contact the ABC team at sponsorship@american-business-conferences.com to reserve strategic speaking slots and/or exhibition booths or to request a floor plan.

Meet Senior Decisions Makers With Job Titles Including:

Directors of, Global Heads, CEOs, CIOs, Presidents, Managers, Engineers, Leads, Specialists, Coordinators, Analysts, Foremans, Superintendents, Advisors, Scientists of...

  • Automation 
  • Engineering
  • Optimization
  • I&E
  • Instrumentation
  • Controls
  • Operations
  • Systems
  • Measurement
  • (Advanced) Analytics
  • Data
  • Infrastructure & Platforms
  • IT
  • Facilities
  • Reservoir


  • Reliability Engineers
  • Design Engineers
  • Asset Managers
  • Platform Managers
  • Area Managers
  • Supply & Procurement Managers
  • Chemical Managers
  • EHS Managers
  • Systems Architects

And Leading Suppliers Offering The Latest:

  • End-to-End Automation Solutions
  • Initial Automation And Controls Systems
  • Advanced Automation And Controls Systems
  • SCADA Systems
  • RTUs, PLCs, LACT Units
  • Automated Valves
  • Data Analytics Software & Platforms
  • Data Gathering & Integration Software
  • Production Data Monitoring & Control Solutions
  • Positive Displacement & Magnetic Flow Meters
  • Wireless Communication Systems
  • Mesh Networking Systems, Repeater & Network Radios, Cell Phone Towers
  • Mesh Networking Systems, Repeater & Network Radios, Cell Phone Towers
  • Radio & Radar Technologies
  • Blue Tooth & 4G Reporting Devices
  • Automated Chemical Monitoring, Metering & Injection
  • Automated Safety Systems
  • Safety Systems (Alarm Management, Safety Shutdown, Cyber Security Management)
  • Power Generation Solutions (Solar Power, Thermoelectric Generation)
  • Cyber Security Technologies & Systems
  • Plus The Full Spectrum Of Technologies & Services To Automate Production & Facilities Equipment

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Brand New Focus Areas In 2018: Strategic Visions & Technical, 'Nuts & Bolts' Case Studies Shared Over 4 Days

  • Monday, January 29 > Dedicated Data Analytics Workshops
  • Tuesday, January 30 > Focused On Key Areas Of Automation, Data Analytics & Production
  • Wednesday, January 31 > Focused On Key Areas Of Production And Facilities Automation
  • Thursday, February 01 >  Focused On SCADA, Wireless Communication, Network Infrastructure & IoT

Cost-Control Success Stories & Lessons Learned, Including Strategies To:

  • Fully Automate & Remotely Control Well Sites & Production Facilities
  • Correlate Automation & Lifting Costs
  • Operate-By-Exception
  • Apply Data Analytics To The Entire Oilfield To Make Smarter Decisions
  • Implement Leading-Edge 'Remote Start-Up & Shut-In' Strategies
  • Automate Production Equipment & Flow Rates
  • Augment Existing Legacy Systems With Intelligent 'Edge' Devices
  • Streamline & Simplify 'End-To-End' Automation On Well Sites
  • Automate Chemical Injection To Match Production
  • Monitor & Meter Chemicals
  • Mitigate Well Failures Using Analytics
  • Reduce Facility Construction Time Using Automation
  • Reduce Power Expenditure Using Automation
  • Manage New Installation & Existing Equipment Repair
  • Understand Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Change Management Strategies
  • Create Scalable SCADA Networks
  • Compare In-House SCADA Systems And Third-Party Hosted SCADA
  • Assess Advancements In Software, Dashboards & Interfaces
  • Evaluate Centralized Control Systems & Wireless Communication Systems
  • Consider Internet Of Things Functionalities & Cyber Risks


Live Streaming


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