Pro-Ject Chemicals

Pro-Ject Chemicals' patented method links together the three components of a successful treating program: Chemistry, Application and Data Communication. Our technique enables you to realize the greatest return on your investment. Equipped with our innovative products and services, you can easily track accurate delivery, monitor inventory levels, record application rates and compare historical values

We believe the environment and safety come before products and profits. Our non-vented, nitrogen blanketed chemical delivery system significantly reduces the possibilities of chemical exposure or injury to operating personnel. Our system offers the best protection against chemical loss and contamination to environmentally sensitive areas.

The benefits of our method:

Pressurized Injection: No breakdowns or maintenance issues

Closed Loop System: Provides integrated flush sequences and eliminates outsourced commingled water transfers, as found with treater trucks.

Communication: Instantaneous satellite feedback of the treating program.

Environmental: No vents; prevents chemical fumes from leaving the container and eliminates moisture intrusion via atmospheric diffusion.

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